Exploring the Yoga of
Delight, Wonder & Astonishment

A six-day retreat to immerse in the embodied
teachings of the Vijñāna-bhairava-tantra.
Experience Divine Consciousness at Your Deepest Core and Access
Expansive Awareness Through Enjoyment of Life’s Everyday Pleasures.

This powerful retreat offers deep and dedicated instruction for modern
practitioners to access awakening through the sensual world and the
teachings of the VBT.

Tantrika Portugal Figueiró dos Vinhos, Portugal
April 16 – 21, 2021 With Hareesh Wallis

Have you been taught that your meditation practice should be used to stop the
fluctuations of your thoughts and withdraw your senses?

Or, perhaps you are familiar with Tantra in its modern presentation in
the workshop circuit that teaches sacred sensuality and want
to wade into a deeper space rooted in ancient tradition?

Are you ready to experience meditation as fun, sensual, and playful?

Discover your authentic, purposeful goal on your spiritual path

Join Sanskritist and scholar-practitioner of Traditional Tantra, Hareesh Wallis, for a 6-day immersion into the potent
teachings and practices offered in the ancient and mysterious Vijñāna-bhairava-tantra (VBT) text.

Even though interest in Tantra and Tantrik Yoga grows around the world, there is no accurate and accessible translation
of the only Shaiva Tantrik Yoga scripture to survive the ravages of time as a living document.

As a Sanskritist and translator who also has extensive experience with the teachings and practices of Classical Tantrik
Yoga, Hareesh Wallis offers a rare and invaluable exploration of the wisdom available in this ancient practice text.

Tap Into the True Potency of the VBT

Together with Hareesh Wallis, you will learn to engage dynamically with the external world and use
your energy of desire towards the attainment of expanded awareness.

In This Experience, We Will Explore:
– Sacred sound practices
– Spaciousness practices
– Bliss practices
– Contemplative practices
– Practices to weave into your daily life
– Yoga Asana
– Kirtan
– Plus, special events

The retreat will open with an orientation and opening ceremony. Each day will include time for silent
meditation, yoga asana, two teaching sessions, and two practice sessions. The experience will conclude
with a closing ceremony and a family-style brunch held around our communal table.

Meet Your Guide


Initiated into the practice of yogic
meditation at the age of 16, Hareesh
received traditional yoga education at
ashrams in upstate New York and India.
He then gained higher education at
university in religion and classics,
Sanskrit, and classical Indian religions.
Hareesh is founder and head faculty of
Tantrik Yoga NOW, and the author of
Tantra Illuminated: The Philosophy,
History, and Practice of a Timeless
Tradition and The Recognition Sutras:
Illuminating a 1,000-Year-Old Spiritual

Expand Your Awareness Within
the Rolling Hills of Portugal

Our retreat center rests in the stunning central countryside amidst grape vines,
olive, fig and orange trees and still within 10 minutes of beautiful waterfalls.
The center serves as a lush and serene setting for Tantrikas to deepen their
practice and immerse in their essence-nature.


April 16 - 21, 2021


Tantrika Portugal
Figueiró dos Vinhos, Portugal


Tuition ($550)
+ Accommodations (Price Varies)