Do you love the quiet hush of a library as much as we do?

We’ve created a sacred place of study just for you.  Not to be rushed, here is an opportunity to browse quietly through our many offerings and see what appeals. Just like a bricks-and-mortar library, your favorites will always be here, waiting for you anytime you are inspired to engage them.

Here is a listing of the Tantrika Online 2.0 Library as of Summer 2021. 

We add to the collection monthly and SADHAKA members have access to all of this ever-growing quality content. KULA members have access to a limited selection.

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  • Intro to Awareness Cultivation
  • Intro to Mantra Science
  • Intro to The View
  • Intro to Energy Body


  • Awakened Relating Workshop
  • The Real Story of Yoga
  • 11 Key Energy Leaks & How to Seal Them
  • 8 Keys to Liberation & 8 Pitfalls On The Path
  • Uncovering the Lessons of the VBT – Part One
  • 7 Facets of the Tantrik Path Overview
  • The 6 Simple Steps to Walking the Spiritual Path
  • Near Enemies of the Truth
  • Chummā-saṅketa-prakāśa Translation
  • Tantrasāra Webinar Series
  • Sanskrit Fundamentals


  • 20+ Q&A sessions recorded during TI LIVE Q&A sessions
  • 30+ Ask Me Anything sessions recorded during Patreon sessions


  • The Alchemy of Mantra, Rāga, and Kīrtan with Sheela Bringi and Brent Kuecker
  • Hareesh’s Teachers
  • Psychedelics on the Spiritual Path with Ali Maya
  • Tantra for Ascetics And Householders + Mantra
  • Liberation, Suffering And The Nature of Reality
  • Diamond Body, Crystal Mind, Golden Heart with Kavitha Chinnaiyan
  • Love, Joy And Desire
  • Non-Dual Jesus Teaching
  • Grand Opening Satsang
  • Sanskrit: The Language of the Gods
  • 7 Steps to Walk the Path
  • Introduction to Awakening
  • On This Path There Are No Mistakes
  • Piercing Through the Veils
  • The 7 Stages of Awakening Workshop
  • The Core of the Spiritual Life
  • The Essence of Yoga in 45 Minutes
  • What Is Tantra Really?
  • What Is the Goal of Yoga?


  • Hareesh Chants the Ganesa Atharvasirsa
  • Hareesh Chants the Gayatri Mantra
  • Nondual Invocation of the Divine Explanation
  • Om Hrim Mantra Meditation
  • Om Namah Shivaya Gurave Mantra
  • Shanti Mantra
  • Prarthana (Universal Prayer) + Intro to Tonglen
  • Sarasvati Invocation
  • Singing Bowls and Mantra
  • Surya Namaskar Mantras


  • Yoga Nidra
  • Heart Lotus Meditation
  • Body Awareness Meditation
  • Sense the Chakras
  • Mantra and Meditative Awareness Practice
  • What Am I? Meditation
  • Sensing the Central Channel
  • Tattva Bhavana Meditation
  • Core Meditation
  • VBT Yukti 1
  • VBT Yuktis 14 – 17
  • VBT Yuktis 18 – 19
  • VBT Yuktis 20 – 22
  • VBT Yuktis 23 – 24
  • VBT Yuktis 25 – 26
  • VBT Yuktis 30 – 32
  • VBT Yuktis 33 – 34


The Embodied Yoga Practice: An Introduction

  • Part I Establishing the Center Line
  • Part II Easy Grounding Practice
  • Part III Moderate Grounding Practice
  • Part IV Modifications for Yoga Practice
  • Part V Restorative Yoga Practice


  • Patreon Parāprāveśikā
  • Recognition Sutras Online Retreat
  • VBT Retreat Online Retreat
  • The Essence of Tantra: The Teachings of Abhinavagupta Online Retreat