The Recognition Sutras Retreat

A Six-Day Total Immersion Into Tantra’s Greatest Treasure

Drop Into Deep and Dedicated Space to Study the Ten Practices Necessary for Complete Spiritual Liberation

The Recognition Sutras (Pratyabhijñā-hṛdaya) are a supremely sublime source of Tantrik wisdom. This text presents powerful insights into the nature of reality and consciousness itself and, in its eighteenth chapter, outlines ten key practices that, for the right spiritual practitioner, are all that is needed to actualize complete spiritual liberation.


The teachings and practices available in this ancient text are invaluable to your Tantrik path, which is why we have created this six-day, fully immersive LIVE retreat. Embark on this journey with us and experience spiritual immersion and growth as never before.

Tantrika Portugal Figueiró dos Vinhos, Portugal

June 25 – 30, 2021 with Hareesh Wallis

Has your spiritual awakening been sparked?

Do you feel the glow and expansion growing but innately know there’s more depth to be found?

If you have tasted the start of spiritual liberation but seek stabilization in the process in order to progress, look no further.

Join Tantrika Institute Founder, Hareesh Wallis, for this long-awaited six-day live retreat to take in the most powerful and deeply path-altering teachings of the Tantrik tradition.

Hareesh Wallis, master Sanskritist, scholar-practitioner of Classical Tantra for several decades, and author of the most acclaimed translation of this text ever published, offers his expert guidance in revealing powerful insights into the nature of reality and consciousness itself. His masterful knowledge dissolves the seemingly inscrutable complexity of this text to reveal rare and transformative truths.

Witness the Greatest Tantrik Treasure + Embrace Full Liberation

Each day, you will submerge deeply into 12 hours of practice, contemplation, and discussion. Together with Hareesh, you will absorb the vital insights and 10 simple-yet-powerful practices awaiting you in this text.

In This Experience, You Will Explore:
– Rich Teaching Sessions to Explore This Rich Text In Depth
– Ample Space for Embodied Practice
– Connective Discussion with Fellow Students
– Support In Carrying What You Learn Into Everyday Life

Meet Your Guide


Initiated into the practice of yogic
meditation at the age of 16, Hareesh
received traditional yoga education at
ashrams in upstate New York and India.
He then gained higher education at
university in religion and classics,
Sanskrit, and classical Indian religions.
Hareesh is founder and head faculty of
Tantrik Yoga NOW, and the author of
Tantra Illuminated: The Philosophy,
History, and Practice of a Timeless
Tradition and The Recognition Sutras:
Illuminating a 1,000-Year-Old Spiritual

Stoke Your Spark of Spiritual Liberation

These potent teachings and practices, revealed by the ancient masters of nondual Tantra, are intended for those whose awakening process has already begun, and who wish to stabilize and deepen that process. If your awakening process has begun and you seek to stoke that fire within and finally experience spiritual liberation, this experience is calling you.


June 25 - 30, 2021


Tantrika Portugal
Figueiró dos Vinhos, Portugal


Tuition ($550)
+ Accommodations (Price Varies)