Frequently Asked Questions

What is Check In Time and Checkout Time for Personal Retreats?

Check In Time- 14:00
Check Out Time- 10:00

What does my daily room rate and tuition include?

Your daily room rate & tuition includes:
– One family meal is served a day for lunch. Family meal is a vegetarian main dish, with gluten & lactose free sides available. Onsite Cafe and local markets and restaurants are additionally available for all other meals.
– Full use of swimming pool with sun beds
– Full use of library, sun terraces, relax hammocks, orchards, and botanical gardens
– Full use of clothes washing machine & guest fridge
– Morning meditation, asana class, satsang, spiritual movie night, sanskrit lessons, daily discourse, student group trips for hiking, beach and spiritual sites, bhajans & kirtan

What are the costs for a single room with meals for a week?

Room prices vary according to room size, and can be found at

Is the center open year-round for Personal Retreats?

Personal retreats are offered year-round, with the only exception being when the center is closed for private retreats and off-site retreats. This information can be found at

Are there discounted rates for weekly, monthly, and group retreats?

As accommodation space is limited at the Portugal Retreat Center, at this time for single guests we are not offering discounted weekly and monthly rates. If you are interested in joining us at the Center for a Personal Retreat with a group of 4 or more for a period of greater than 5 days, please feel free to contact [email protected] for group retreat options

Is there a way to see all available dates for a specific room?

When booking a room, you can view an Availability Calendar by click on any Unavailable Room

What is meant by "Single" and "Shared" rooms?

Every single and double occupancy room offers accommodation for either one or two people. Regardless if one or two people stay in the room, the room is the same price (double occupancy pricing). Rooms are only shared if both guests book at the same time, in a single booking reservation. The Bungalow is a shared space wherein the room is shared with any guest who chooses to book a bunk bed at any time.

When a room says "shared bathroom", how many people/rooms will be sharing those bathrooms?

The bungalow has two rooms, with each room containing 3 bunks and holding 6 people. Therefore overall bungalow capacity is 12. There is one large common bathroom, and within the bathroom there are two sinks, two toilets and two very large showers.

Is it possible to stay and do a personal retreat that involves personal practice and no group activities wherein I do not need to pay the activity rate price?

As Tantrika Institute offers a dedicated daily curriculum that supports a sacred space for practitioners of classical, Nondual Śaiva Tantra to deepen their practice, daily activity rate is required for all guests

How do I get to Tantrika Institute?

We are able to pick guests up from Lisbon Airport, Porto Airport, Coimbra Train/Bus Station, Pombol Train/Bus Station, or within Figueiro Dos Vinhos itself at the local bus station. When checking out, you will be asked which you prefer and can select the option. The transportation cost is per trip, so yes you can share the cost with others if the booking is made at the same time. You can also find transportation directions here:

How do I coordinate my transportation to Tantrika Institute, once I have booked?

Once you have booked your retreat, you will be contacted to coordinate your transportation to and from the center based upon your transportation selection made during the checkout process

Can I volunteer at Tantrika Institute in exchange for free or reduced rate lodging?

At Tantrika institute, there are 1-2 hours of light volunteering duties which are available each day while on personal retreat at the center. These light volunteering duties do not offset the price of tuition and accommodation, rather are an aspect of the daily ashram dharma schedule. If you are looking for your daily room rate to be offset by volunteering duties, a commitment of 6 hours of volunteering work per day is required which includes property maintenance such as grounds keeping and new project implementation. In such an instance, Tantrika Institute is able to provide free accommodation up to 7 business days within this 6-hour-a-day arrangement, which includes one family meal a day at lunch time. However as the center is functioning as a practice ashram, the daily activity rate of $50 USD a day is still required by all onsite guests