In Figueiró dos Vinhos and surrounding areas

Quinta da Fonte ‘our neighbours’ have almost every Friday open restaurant, good vegetarian food.
Vet ZooSaude open in Figueiró on Mondays and Friday 16.00-19.00 and the VetFigueiro is more often open, not sure what time, we always go to VetFigueiro.
Ficape, for some chicken food or some things for the garden
Opposite Ficape is a bakery with very good bread. You can even arrange that they bring bread to the house.
At Misericordia in Figueiró there is a gym, a sauna, zumba etc. Sauna is very simple but very nice in winter (you have to call before to make a reservation). Also the swimming pool in Figueiro is very nice. €1 per time you go for a swim.
Find out alle Praia Fluvials. Mosteiro, Fragas de Sao Simao and much more. Take the back road to towards Coimbra and take the windy road and see all the Xisto Villages. Have a stop at the castle in Lousa and also there is a nice Praia Fluvial, and a nice restaurant.
There is a restaurant in Casal de Sao Simao and the Xisto Village there. Nice walk as well, a loop. With our yoga groups we always went for a day to Fragas to swim, have a yoga & meditation class there.
The castle in Tomar needs a visit! Free of change on Sunday for locals.. And don't forget to go to the Aquaduct
Coimbra, Universidade, library and also they have very nice meditation meetings. Actually not sure but Figueiro had also OM meditations… Musea of Science


Pombal, Praca de Leitaria Use google and call before so they have vegetarian / vegan. Not Sundays
Really big and good Garden shop, towards Figueira da Foz Viveiros Cultiflor
Best ice creams and very nice beaches! We always swim opposite this Lidl
Very good restaurant in Pombal
Pombal, Manuel de Silva, very good shop and help if you need any technical things and help.
Very good pizza in Pedrogao Grande (Which we order and than take to the dam to eat is 😉 (where the fishermans are, also nice to swim!)
Penela had also 2 very good lunchrooms Viridi and Cafe da Praca a Mina